If you’ve been an Apple user for any length of time, you definitely know the struggle to get anything such as an iPad or iPhone fixed in Baltimore is a real struggle. It seems like everyone has a crack in their iPhone screen or frustrating batter issues.

Luckily that’s where the services of Baltimore iPhone Repair come in handy. While Apple will refuse to address individual hardware issues, we’ve done the leg work to source the highest quality OEM replacement parts and back them up with our own industry best sixty day warranty. Dead battery? Failing charging port? Cracked screen? Water damage? We’ve seen and fixed it all, and are glad to offer a free diagnosis so feel free to give us a call or bring it into our Baltimore, MD shop today!

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Third party repair for Android and Apple devices has certainly exploded in the past few years and we strive to be one of the most qualified, professional and convenient cell phone repair options in the Baltimore area. Almost anyone with a credit card can order a batch of parts on-line, watch a tutorial and claim they can fix your cracked iPhone screen, so we would caution you to do your research prior to handing over your trust and your broken iPhone. Unlike the random kids off Craig s List, we stand behind our service and parts with a two month warranty and are a legit business with a fully functioning store front. We’ve helped hundreds of people diagnose and fix their iPhone’s and we’d love to help you. What kind of issues can we fix? We’ve detailed them below.


Dropped your iPhone and heard that sickening crack? Regretting not buying that Apple Care warranty? No worries, this is a relatively straight-forward repair and we can have our technicians replace the entire front display, including the underlying LCD for less than $100 in most cases. Prices vary depending on what model of iPhone you have due to actual differences in the iPhone screen. Contrary to what some may think, fixing individual cracks or blemishes simply isn’t possible due to the nature of how the screen has been constructed.


Do you find yourself frustrated with that red battery bar on your device? Constantly looking for a charging source? What many people don’t realize is your iPhone battery will eventually lose on its life span due to being charged and re-charged again and again. Apple doesn’t make it very easy to replace but a generic OEM lithium-ion battery can be installed for about $50 and in less than an hour. Of course these repairs are covered by our standard warranty which handles everything except physical and water damage.


If you’ve allowed any moisture or water to get into your cell phone, the diagnosis could be murky. We’ve restored tons of phones however we guarantee nothing especially since there are unlimited ways in which water damage can be catastrophic. If there is any damage to the logic board of your iPhone, the cost to repair becomes inefficient so in most cases we see screen or battery issues which can infarct be remedied effectively. As soon as you find out you have this type of problem, we would recommend turning the device off and removing the battery if you’re comfortable enough. Turning the device on and off usually causes short circuiting which heavily decreases the chances of recovering any data. Our process involves opening up the phone, cleaning any remaining moisture out and making sure all the major components work. If anything needs to be replaced, we’ll be sure to inform you of the process, turnaround time and pricing beforehand.

Issues We Fix

  • Broken / Cracked LCD Screens

  • Poor Battery Life

  • Home / Power Button Replacement

  • Liquid Damage